Baby Monitor connection error

If the connection fails when you try to activate the baby monitor, just redo the pairing between the application and REMI. Here’s how: press the « + » button at the top left of your central screen, and press « Start Remi pairing » at the bottom of the screen. This manipulation will validate the confidentiality of the baby monitor and you will be able to use this feature.

REMI shows 1111

If your REMI shows 1111 on its display, follow the steps described here in order to resolve the issue.

First Installation

You have just taken your new REMI out of its box. Please follow these steps for the install : 


Step 1

Install and open the application REMI for iOS or Android. Create your account on the application : email + Password.


Step 2

Power On your REMI on the wall plug with its USB adaptor (not on a computer). A LED will be blinking for a few seconds on the left of the time, and stop. After this blinking LED stops, REMI will remain in pairing mode during 5 minutes.


Step 3

After this blinking LED stops, REMI will remain in pairing mode during 5 minutes. Don't press the Bluetooth button on REMI's keypad, this would stop the pairing.


Step 4

In REMI application, press the button « Start REMI pairing » on the bottom of the screen, and follow the install steps. If no REMI is detected in the App, please forget this REMI from the devices connected to the Bluetooth of your smartphone. If REMI gets disconnected at this step, please check these points.

(Optional) Step 5

– If your REMI displays 0069, 0126
– If the application asks you to update via USB:

Follow these USB update instructions.


Step 6

The application will then display the wifi available networks detected by your REMI. Choose your Wifi network and type your password. Don't choose for your REMI an open Operator Wifi network that needs a user identifier. REMI will not be able to provide this identifier, and connect to the internet on this type of network.


Step 7

REMI gets connected to the wifi network and displays U1.00. If an automatic update is needed, REMI will display Updt and reboot with a deconnection from the application. REMI can do it twice. Wait until you see the time on REMI and resume the process from step 4.


Step 8

Enter your child name and birthdate - this will help us give you relevant information about his sleep.
Terminate the install process 🙂


REMI records continuously the noise of your kids’ room. With this record, you can follow the quality of his nights, find the bedtime and wakeup time that you have scheduled in the application, follow night after night his actual bedtime and wakeup schedule, measure his sleeping time, and adapt his bedtime routines.
REMI’s sleep tracking also displays if it’s dark or bright in the room, and displays the temperature variations during the night.
From anywhere, at home or outside, listen to your baby from your smartphone, or receive notifications in case of noise, and be aware of what’s happening in your baby’s room. An activation threshold allows you to adjust the level of noise you want to hear, or above which you need to receive a notification.
You can also use REMI as a walkie-talkie, and talk to your baby in his room from wherever you are.
REMI can switch its nightlight on, on the top of its head. You can fine-tune the brightness of this nightlight between 0% and 100%, in order to create perfect sleeping conditions for your child.
REMI can be plugged like a USB key to your computer, so you can copy your child’s favorite lullabies, musics and stories, in mp3, and use them for sleeping time, to enjoy a story, or to wake up.
REMI also has default sounds and musics to gently make your child asleep or awake.
Thanks to its face, REMI indicates very easily to your child when it’s time to sleep or if it’s time to wake up. Thus REMI is the Sleep Companion that your child will follow when it’s time to sleep and REMI will show, by remaining asleep, on saturday and sunday morning, the time until which your child have to stay in bed.
This makes children and parents sleep more and have better quality time together during the day.
The application allows to adjust schedule in the blink of an eye for the whole week, just like for the alarms of a smartphone.
For each programmed event, you can choose the day of the week, the time, the displayed face (awake, sleeping, or no face at all), the nightlight brightness, the music that will be triggered, its volume and how long it will be playing. You can also switch REMI wifi off, and inactivate the play button located below REMI to avoid children play music too late. All this allows a very precise fine-tuning of REMI and as many scenarios as your family needs.
A button located below REMI is used to trigger timers. You can program several timers in the application, and trigger the timer you wish by pressing on the timer button several times to make appear the right length of your timer.
For each timer, you can adjust a time length, a face, a starting music, and ending music, and a nightlight brightness. Hence, for a nap, for instance, parents can set a 2 hours timer, with a lullaby as starting music, and a nightlight if needed. If the child is older and parents wish to limit a time of gaming during the afternoon for instance, they will adjust a 20 minutes timer, with a ringtone at the end, that indicates the end of the gaming time.
REMI has a Bluetooth connectivity that allows parents to stream their smartphone music, and that will allow children, when they get older, to use REMI autonomously with their own mp3 player.

problem during pairing

On Android :

For some Android smartphones, a Bluetooth error can freeze the pairing on the screen « REMI synchronization – REMI has been detected » during 5 minutes, ending with a REMI disconnection.

To get out of this error and perform a successful pairing :


Restart your REMI App


Restart the Bluetooth on your smartphone


If needed, restart totally your smartphone


Restart the pairing process

Other Errors :

If during the pairing process between the application and REMI, the wifi networks are not displayed on the application, please follow these steps :


Step 1

Restart your smartphone and try the association again. This restart solves the majority of the problems. If necessary go to step 2.


Step 2

Update your REMI by following the instructions on this page.


Step 3

Before powering your REMI on, press the "Volume +" button (on the right side of REMI's keypad). Keep it pressed after power on (5 seconds) until you see REMI's face. This resets some parameters and removes all WiFi networks stored in your REMI.


Step 4

Restart the pairing process by pressing the "+" icon on the upper left corner of the central screen of REMI application. Follow the next steps: Wifi choice, your parameters input.

Process for a successful pairing :
    1. If you have any issue, it may be useful to restart :
      • the REMI app
      • the Bluetooth of your smartphone
      • your smartphone (if necessary)
      • your wifi internet access point
    2. Open the application, and press « + » at the top left corner of the central screen. You get on the association page.
      • Make sure that the Bluetooth of your smartphone is activated.
      • Check that your smartphone is connected to the internet, wifi or 3G. It is needed for the pairing.
      • REMI must not be associated to the smartphone by Bluetooth. If this is the case, forget REMI of the associated devices.
      • Restart your REMI. Check that the LED on the left of the time stops flashing after a few moments.
      • Press the button at the bottom of the screen on your smartphone: «Start REMI pairing».
      • Follow the steps
    3. If this does not work, and you have a personal configuration of your box, could you check the following points:
      • REMI uses ports 5555, 8080, 1337. Check that you have not banned the use of these ports in your personal configuration.
      • There is no active parental control on newly connected devices.
      • There is no filtering by mac address enabled.
      • If your box is on the right date and time.
      • The DNS server is the one configured by the operator or if you changed this configuration, or if you are using a 3rd party system (like OpenDNS for instance)
  • REMI on holidays

    You are leaving for holidays and do not know yet for sure if you will have wifi on site? Here is how to connect your REMI to your Smartphone hotspot wifi: you can create your own wifi network wifi by using the « share your connexion » feature of your Smartphone.


    On Android

    Go to "settings" -> "plus" -> "share your connexion" or "personal hotspot". Then select the option "share your wifi connexion".

    On apple

    Go to "settings" -> "plus" -> "share your connexion"

    Warning : REMI on iPhone

    To use the hotspot on iPhone, do not forget to connect another device first (a computer or a Smartphone) before opening REMI’s app. Indeed, when you quit the hotspot screen to open REMI’s app, if no other device is connected to your Smartphone the hotspot closes.

    You then can access to all information related to the hotspot option: name of the wifi network created by your Smartphone, password to get connected and number of devices connected. Once the hotspot is open, open REMI’s app and follow the « add a REMI » process by pressing the « + » button and follow the instructions.

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