REMI manual update

If this is the first time you install REMI, or if you have left it unplugged for a long time, you have to update it manually through USB:  : 


Step 1

Connect your REMI with the USB to your computer. Your REMI will appear like a USB mass storage.


Step 2

Download this update file on your computer. Make sure its filename is "update.bin" or "update". Don’t add or remove ".bin" to this name. IMPORTANT : Don't try to open it.


Step 3

Copy this update file on your REMI (out of any folder). Make sure its filename does not contain any suffix like "(2)" or "(3)". 


Step 4

IMPORTANT : Eject your REMI with the secured procedure - DO NOT unplug it without having ejected it properly.


Step 5

Plug it back on it USB wall plug. REMI must now display 234. Follow now the install steps detailed in REMI application pairing process.

Things to know about REMI

Warning : If you see that your REMI remains blocked more than one minute with the display « UPdt », or if you have any other issue, please unplug your REMI and contact our customer service. We’ll be glad to help you.

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