REMI is currently in version 270

Update date : 08/11/2022

REMI is regularly updated. If your REMI it not up to date ( its version is displayed on startup), you can update it manually.

What are the steps to update REMI?

If this is the first time you install REMI, or if you have left it unplugged for a long time, you have to update it manually through USB:


Step 1 :

Connect your REMI with the USB to your computer. Your REMI will appear like a USB mass storage.


Step 2 :

Download this update file on your computer. Make sure its filename is "update.bin" or "update". Don’t add or remove ".bin" to this name. IMPORTANT : Don't try to open it.


Step 3 :

Copy this update file on your REMI (out of any folder). Make sure its filename does not contain any suffix like "(2)" or "(3)".


Step 4 :

IMPORTANT : Eject your REMI with the secured procedure - DO NOT unplug it without having ejected it properly.


Step 5 :

Plug it back on it USB wall plug. REMI must now display 225 or more. Follow now the install steps detailed in REMI application pairing process.

Things to know about REMI

Warning : If you see that your REMI remains blocked more than one minute with the display « UPdt », or if you have any other issue, please unplug your REMI and contact our customer service. We’ll be glad to help you.

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