Can I shut down the WIFI on my REMI?

Forums Frequently Asked Questions Can I shut down the WIFI on my REMI?

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    Yes, you can switch off the WIFI at the time you want – at night, for example. REMI will continue to record information about the child’s room and will synchronize with the application as soon as the wifi is reactivated.
    Here’s how to turn off the wifi:
    – Go to the « Bedtime » tab of your application,
    – Enter an event or press the « + » on the top left of the screen to create a new one,
    – Set the days and time when you want to disable the wifi,
    – At the bottom of the settings, there is a wifi button. Button on the right, the wifi is active – button on the left, the wifi is inactive until the next event.
    Once the event has been recorded, a crossed out Wi-Fi symbol should appear on the line of the event, on bedtime tab.
    NB. You can also use the wifi button within another event; for instance, if your Childs goes to bed every night at 8.30pm, you can decide to switch off the wifi at the moment when REMI switches to the night face within the same event.
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