Help ! REMI’s display is freezed on U1.00, U2.00, U3.00, U4.00 or U5.00

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    If your REMI’s display is freezed on U1.00, U2.00, U3.00, U4.00 or U5.00, here is a procedure to put your REMI in factory configuration: REMI’s memory settings will be reset, but we have made sure to keep your night-tracking, and the music that you had put on REMI.

    >u class=””>Switching to version 237

    You can do this update via USB. The version 237 is available on this page (step 2) – . You need to download the update file and transfer it to your REMI. Make sure that the file name is exactly “update.bin” because if it is not exactly that, it will not be taken into account by REMI.

    Once this file is on REMI, eject it from your computer and connect it to its AC adapter. After a few moments REMI displays 237.

    Reset the REMI internal settings:

    Press the “Volume +” button to the right of REMI’s keyboard before plugging it into the charger, and hold down the “Volume +” button while you plug it to its AC adapter / USB and until REMI displays its face and 236 ( between 6 and 10 seconds).

    => The internal parameters of your REMI are reset, as they were in production.

    Association of the application to your REMI

    1- You must redo the association of your application with REMI: press the “+” button on the top left of your central screen, and press “start association” on the bottom of the screen.

    2- Choose your wifi network and follow the steps. Your REMI will display U1.00, then the time. Here, your REMI is operational again.

    If your REMI gets stuck on the U1.00 display at the association (normally you should not have that, but who knows). Unplug-reconnect your REMI, and redo the association. Normally you will not have this blocking the 2nd time.

    Checking your settings

    – Your old events and timers must have been erased, and 4 default events are created in your events: 7:30 (Week Morning) – 9:00 (Weekend Morning) – 8:15 pm (Week Night) – 9:30 pm (Weekend Night) . It’s up to you to redo the events and timers that suit you.

    => If your old events are still present, please follow again the steps to reset REMI’s internal settings.

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