How to connect REMI in Bluetooth to my smartphone ?

Forums Frequently Asked Questions How to connect REMI in Bluetooth to my smartphone ?

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    Here’s how to play music on Bluetooth REMI:
    1- Prepare the Bluetooth connection on REMI:
    – Press the Bluetooth button on his keyboard. You must hear a “beep-beep”.
    – In the music tab of the REMI application, click on the Bluetooth button located at the far right of the line of play / pause buttons. NB. Your REMI needs to be connected to the wifi for this step.
    2- Connect REMI to your smartphone.
    At this stage, the LED near REMI time flashes rapidly. When the LED flashes slower then REMI is ready to be associated. Then go to the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone. REMI is visible. Select REMI to associate it with your smartphone via Bluetooth. When your REMI is connected to your smartphone, the LED near the time stoppes flashing.
    3- REMI is now associated with your smartphone and you can stream music from your smartphone to REMI: music from your smartphone, Youtube, Deezer, Spotify, etc …
    When you stop your Bluetooth connection REMI automatically stops its Bluetooth. To reconnect, you must restart the REMI Bluetooth (step 1).
    When you turn on Bluetooth, REMI will automatically reconnect to the last paired Bluetooth phone if it is in range.
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