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    You are leaving for holidays and do not know yet for sure if you will have wifi on site? Here is how to connect your REMI to your Smartphone hotspot wifi: you can create your own wifi network wifi by using the « share your connexion » feature of your Smartphone :

    On Android : Go to “settings” -> “plus” -> “share your connexion” or “personal hotspot”. Then select the option “share your wifi connexion”.

    On Apple : Go to “settings” -> “plus” -> “share your connexion”

    Warning : REMI on iPhone

    To use the hotspot on iPhone, do not forget to connect another device first (a computer or a Smartphone) before opening REMI’s app. Indeed, when you quit the hotspot screen to open REMI’s app, if no other device is connected to your Smartphone the hotspot closes.

    You then can access to all information related to the hotspot option: name of the wifi network created by your Smartphone, password to get connected and number of devices connected. Once the hotspot is open, open REMI’s app and follow the « add a REMI » process by pressing the « + » button and follow the instructions.

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