QUIZZ – Quel est le chronotype de votre enfant ? (v2)


Tomorrow is Sunday! What time does your kid wake up on average?

During the week does your kid wake up before or after the alarm goes off?

When there is no school, does your child wake up at the same time as during the week?

Upon waking your child is :

When does your child have an appetite?

What time is your child most dynamic?

Does fatigue make your child irritable?

Does your child worry about small details?

Your child is rather:

Does your child have trouble falling asleep?

Is your child sensitive to noise or light at night?

Does your child often wake up in the middle of the night?

Does your child tend to reflect on their day before falling asleep?

Does your child show signs of fatigue around 8:30 p.m.?

QUIZZ - Quel est le chronotype de votre enfant ? (v2)
Your child is a Lion Cub ! 🦁

The lion cub is the little king of the jungle. He wakes up very early, in great shape, and ready to start the day! He is most active very early in the morning. Whether on weekdays or weekends, the lion cub is likely to get out of bed at around 5:00 AM - 6:00 AM.
Your child is a Bear Cub ! 🐻

Bear cubs usually follow the rhythm of the sun. Very sociable, they love to talk and quickly make friends at school. They are often hungry and need a good breakfast to start the day. Although they usually get up quickly, they tend to gripe a bit in the morning. They enjoy naps and need a restful sleep!
Your child is a Wolf Pup ! 🐺

The wolf pups are nocturnal and prefer to stay up late unfortunately for their parents who would like to see them go to bed a bit earlier. Very active after 3 - 4 p.m., wolf pups are very creative. They are often passionate about artistic activities that satisfy their curiosity.
Your child is a Little Dolphin ! 🐬

The dolphins are hypersensitive, they often have a hard time falling asleep and can wake up at the slightest noise. The little dolphin has a fragile sleep as if to protect himself from predators and problems! Perfectionists, lively and intelligent, dolphins are also light sleepers.

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juillet 28, 2020

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