Install REMI

To help you with your first steps installing the app and introducting REMI’s main features, here is a detailed guide!

First Installation

You have just taken your new REMI out of its box. Please follow these steps for the install :


Step 1 :

Install REMI's app from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS. Then, open it an sign up your email address.


Step 2 :

Connect REMI to its USB adaptor and plug it in. A little light at the bottom left starts flashing and stops after a few seconds.


Step 3 :

Wait for the little light to stop flashing. Then, REMI is in pairing mode for 5 minutes. Warning: do not press the Bluetooth button on REMI, this will interrupt the pairing.


Step 4 :

Open the app and press « Start REMI pairing » at the bottom of the screen. Follow the steps and accept all the accesses required by the application (Bluetooth, Position,etc...), and make sure your smartphone is connected to the internet. If no REMI is detected in the App, please forget REMI from the devices connected to the Bluetooth of your smartphone. If REMI gets disconnected at this step please check these points..


Step 5 :

The app will display the available WiFi networks. Choose yours and enter the password (only 2.4GHz WiFi networks will be shown, 5GHz networks won't be detected). Don't choose a Wifi network that needs a user identifier. REMI will not be able to provide this identifier, and the internet connection won't be possible.


Step 6 :

Once connected to the WiFi, REMI displays U1.00. If an automatic update is available, REMI will display Updt and restart by disconnecting from the app. It could do it twice.


Step 7 :

Complete the installation by filling in your child's first name and date of birth so that the app provides you with relevant information about their sleep according to their age.🙂

Process for a successful pairing :

    1. If you have any issue, it may be useful to restart :
      • the REMI app
      • the Bluetooth of your smartphone
      • your smartphone (if necessary)
      • your wifi internet access point
    2. Open the application, and press « + » at the top left corner of the central screen. You get on the association page.
      • Make sure that the Bluetooth of your smartphone is activated.
      • Check that your smartphone is connected to the internet, wifi or 3G. It is needed for the pairing.
      • REMI must not be associated to the smartphone by Bluetooth. If this is the case, forget REMI of the associated devices.
      • Restart your REMI. Check that the LED on the left of the time stops flashing after a few moments.
      • Press the button at the bottom of the screen on your smartphone: «Start REMI pairing».
      • Follow the steps.
    3. If this does not work, and you have a personal configuration of your box, could you check the following points:
      • There is no active parental control on newly connected devices.
      • There is no filtering by mac address enabled.
      • If your box is on the right date and time.
      • The DNS server is the one configured by the operator or if you changed this configuration, or if you are using a 3rd party system (like OpenDNS for instance)

REMI was disconnected

If during the pairing, the application displays “REMI was disconnected”, please do the following steps:

On Android :

Step 1 :

Press again the "Start REMI pairing" button without exiting the application and without disconnecting your REMI. This step should allow REMI to pair to the app.

Step 2 :

If the issue persists, press the "Volume +" button located on REMI's keyboard before plugging it in and maintain the button pressed while you plug it in and another 5-6 seconds after it is connected. Redo the pairing between REMI and the application: press the "+" button in the top left corner of the central screen of the app and press the "Start REMI pairing" button at the bottom of the screen.

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