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    The tracking screen of REMI displays a score relating the sleep time of your child, compared to the target bedtime and wakeup time you have scheduled in the bedtime events.

    For the sleep score to be calculated, it is necessary that:
    – The sleep face and the awake face appear on the graph. Those correspond to hours you set in the events for the bedtime and the wake up time of your child. These faces materialize the reference that you want for this score.
    – The noise detected by REMI allows to identify an actual bedtime and wake up time around the hours you referenced from the Bedtime tab.
    – The system calculates a score based on the referenced hours and the actual bedtime and wake up hours.

    If these elements are not present, the calculation of the night score is not possible, and it is left empty.
    If you see any anomalies regarding these elements, do not hesitate contact us and send us a screenshot.

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